Rocket attacks on US military base in Iraq

Baghdad: The US military base at Ballad, near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, came under rocket attacks on Sunday. The attacks caused no damages. But the Gulf media is pointing out that the attack was carried out just three days before the scheduled talks between US and Iraq militaries.


Rocket attacks on US military base in IraqStrategic talks are scheduled to be held on Wednesday between the US and Iraq militaries. Discussion regarding the US military withdrawal is likely to be on the agenda. Iran affiliated leaders and armed groups are demanding a complete withdrawal of the US military from Iraq. Therefore, it is claimed that these rocket attacks were carried out to pressure the Iraqi government.

Rocket attacks on US military base in IraqUS soldiers are deployed on the Ballad military base. US military and air bases have faced rocket attacks over the last few months. But US army contractors and NATO soldiers were deployed on these bases. The Gulf media pointed out that rockets have been launched on a military base deployed with US soldiers for the first time in the previous few months.

Meanwhile, US aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, along with its fleet of destroyers, left the Mediterranean Sea to reach the Red Sea. Two days ago, reports and photographs of the warship crossing the Suez Canal had been published. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower will be taking over the command of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf.

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