Dawood’s nephew Rizwan Kaskar confesses the underworld don lives in Pakistan

Mumbai: India’s most wanted criminal mobster, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, lives in Pakistan, admits Rizwan Kaskar, Ibrahim’s nephew. The Mumbai Police arrested Rizwan in an extortion case on Wednesday in Mumbai.


Dawood's nephew Rizwan Kaskar confesses the underworld don lives in PakistanOnly fifteen days ago, the US government had informed a London court that criminal Dawood was based in Pakistan. The US administration had declared the information during the extradition case of one of the associates of Dawood from the London jail. India had repeatedly insisted that Dawood was based in Pakistan and even presented dossiers on his whereabouts to Pakistan. However, Pakistan denies the fact that the mastermind behind the 1993 bomb blasts, along with innumerable terrorist attacks and criminal offences, Dawood Ibrahim resides in Pakistan. Even though the US government has acknowledged of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan, the later has shown only denial in response. The refusal exposes Pakistan’s double standards as it has been boasting of its anti-terror crackdown, declared the Indian Foreign Ministry a few days ago.

Given the developments, the arrest of Dawood’s nephew Rizwan Kaskar proves crucial. Rizwan’s confession on Dawood’s location to be in Pakistan is once again concrete evidence of Pakistan’s deceitful nature. According to a news report citing the Mumbai Police sources, Rizwan has admitted to the fact that the Kaskar family was in contact with Dawood. He further added that he stays in touch with his family regularly over the telephone.

Two years ago, Iqbal Kaskar was arrested in an extortion case. Currently, he is held at a prison in Thane, and he too had confessed during an interrogation that Dawood was in Pakistan. Presently, the Dawood case is being aggressively handled by the police. Ahmed Raza, alias Afroz Vadaria another close associate of the underworld don, was also arrested only a few hours before Rizwan by the Mumbai Police. He was extradited from Dubai. In the past two to three years, many associates of Dawood have been arrested by the police.

Likewise, it has become increasingly difficult for Dawood to step out of Pakistan due to the restrictions India has imposed internationally against the criminal. India’s efforts have enabled Dawood’s properties worth millions across the UK and Saudi Arabia, to be seized.

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