Rafale hold war exercises in Himachal against the background of tension with China

New Delhi: The first fleet of the super-advanced Rafale fighter jets reached India, two weeks ago. These fighter jets are now active at the Ambala airbase. There are reports that these fighter jets are practising night flight manoeuvres in the mountainous regions, in Himachal Pradesh. The government has ordered all the three wings of the defence forces, to be prepared for any eventuality. These exercises are being conducted in view of the possible conflict.

Rafale hold war exercises in Himachal against the background of tension with ChinaThe Rafale fighter jets received from France, at the time, when the tension of the Chinese border is at its peak, has augmented the strength of the Indian Air Force, tremendously. These fighter jets, known as ‘Game Changers’, have become active in the Indian Air Force, within a few days of receipt. These fighter jets are flying in the mountainous terrain in Himachal Pradesh for the whole night and the fighter pilots are practising night manoeuvres.

There is an Indo-Chinese border, even in Himachal Pradesh. But the exercises are being conducted at a certain distance from the border. The intention behind the exercises is that the fleet of Rafale fighter jets should be combat-ready in case of a sudden attack. But it is being claimed that the exercises are for delivering a message to China. But the report claims that the exercises are being conducted at a distance from the Chinese border, so that the Chinese radars deployed in Aksai Chin, do not capture the frequency signature of these fighter jets.

China has increased its deployment in the Aksai Chin region. Against this background, the Chinook helicopters from the Indian Air Force fleet, reportedly, flew close to the border, in the Daulat Beg Oldie and Karakoram Pass areas. This was only to demonstrate the capability of the Indian Air Force to China.

Only two days ago, the US thinktank ‘European Foundation for South Asian Studies’ claimed that India has demonstrated its strength to confront China on its own. The United States had offered the option of QUAD against China. The thinktank says that China is perplexed with the aggression shown by India on its own.

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