Japan reacts strongly after 230 Chinese vessels infiltrate Japanese waters near Senkaku islands

Tokyo / Beijing : In response to Japan’s warning to give a befitting reply to China’s activities in the territory of the Senkaku Islands, China has again provoked Japan by dispatching a staggering swarm of 230 vessels and fighter planes in this maritime area. Reacting strongly to this trespassing by China, Japan has warned that China should not try to aggravate the tension in this area or else Japan would retaliate harshly.

Japan reacts strongly after 230 Chinese vessels infiltrate Japanese waters near Senkaku islands

As per the Foreign Ministry of Japan, 6 Chinese Coast Guard ships, along with more than 220 fishing boats, had infiltrated the territory of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Japan has allowed a limited number of Chinese fishing boats to do fishing up to a certain boundary in this maritime area. But Japan’s Foreign Ministry has criticized that China had dispatched a large number of fishing boats in the territory of the Senkaku Islands last Saturday.

Along with these fishing boats, there were 6 Patrol ships of China’s Coast Guard. Out of these, 3 Patrol ships were equipped with arms, as per the information provided by Japan. Therefore, it is claimed that China was prepared for a possible conflict in this maritime area. Additionally, China has set up a ‘radar system’ on the ‘Gas Exploration Platform’ in the disputed waters of the ‘East China Sea’. The Japanese media are criticizing China for sending out misleading signals, by activating the radar system, usually fitted on the Patrol ships, on this platform.

Post the infiltration of the Chinese vessels, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister – ‘Shinsuke Sugiyama’ summoned China’s ambassador to Japan – ‘Cheng Yonghua’. The Foreign Ministry of Japan has demanded that China provide clarification of the infiltration of its vessels in the Senkaku territory. In response to this, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry – ‘Hua Chunying’ informed that China has sovereign rights on the Senkaku island and its adjoining waters; and it was remaining within the ambit of these rights that China had dispatched its vessels in its own maritime area.

After this incident, Japan has accused China of sending 14 vessels in the Japanese waters again on Monday. The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan -‘Yoshihide Suga’ has complained that the Chinese vessels have infiltrated the Japanese waters 14 times within the last week. Mr. Suga said that Japan has appealed to China for not to intensify the tension in the East China Sea. Japan has further warned that although it is trying to maintain an amicable relationship with China, it can still retaliate against the actions of China.

China has become restless ever since Tomomi Inada was appointed as the Defense Minister of Japan. Last week, after taking over the reins of the defense ministry, Inada addressed her first warning to China and North Korea. Inada, in her first warning to China and North Korea, said that although Japan would try to establish military relations with China, it would get back at China for infiltrating the Japanese waters. Inada’s warning has apparently evoked strong reactions from China.

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