UK invites India for G7 conference  

New Delhi: – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson extended an invitation for the G7 conference, which is to be held in the United Kingdom, to the Indian Prime Minister. Also, the British Prime Minister will be visiting India before this conference. While information regarding this is being revealed, the British Prime Minister appreciated the vaccine for Coronavirus developed in India. Saying that 50% of the vaccines used worldwide are manufactured in India, he referred to India as the pharmacy of the world. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was to attend the Republic Day celebrations on 26th of January. But with the Coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly again in the United Kingdom, an emergency has been declared in the country. The British Prime Minister expressed inability to attend the Republic Day celebrations, saying that it will not be possible for him to leave the country in such circumstances. Within a few days of this, the United Kingdom invited the Indian Prime Minister for the G7 conference.   

G7 conference

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are the members of the G7. The invitation received by Prime Minister Modi to attend this conference underlines the Indian importance. The G7 members and invitee countries will discuss how the goal of a better, environment friendly, and prosperous future can be achieved. The British High Commission in India gave this information. Along with Prime Minister Modi, the South Korean Prime Minister also has been invited to the G7 conference.   

Meanwhile, The British High Commission informed that before the conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be visiting India. At the same time, while inviting India for the G7 summit, the British Prime Minister praised India by referring to the Coronavirus vaccines. The British Prime Minister appreciated India by saying that India is the pharmacy of the world. More than 50% of the vaccines used around the globe are manufactured in India. Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that India and the United Kingdom had cooperated even during the Coronavirus pandemic.   

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