Aggressive protests around the globe, supporting Palestinians

London/New York/Sydney: – On Saturday, protests were held against Israel and in support of Palestine around the world. The protests held from the United States to Australia saw the participation of a hundred thousand people. The protestors started rioting during the demonstrations in the United Kingdom.   


Following the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh. The leader of Hamas appealed to the Palestinians around the globe to protest. The appeal made by the Hamas leader received support from Iran and Turkey. After that, protests were held in the western countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, German and Australia and in the Islamic countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Malaysia and Pakistan.  

The highest participation of nearly 200,000 people was seen in the protests held in the United Kingdom. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also was condemned by the protestors. Placards with messages, ‘What Hitler did to you don’t do the same to the Palestinians’, ‘Israel, the new Nazi country’ and ‘Genocide Part 2’ were displayed during the protests. The protestors entered the office of an Israeli company manufacturing drones and vandalised the office.   

The Israeli national flag was dishonoured during the protests in the United Kingdom. The vehicles parked on the road were damaged. Videos are surfacing of the Pakistani protestors arguing with the locals. The local lashed out that Pakistan, who is showering atrocities on Baloch and Pashtun, has no right to speak against Israel. After that, the Pakistani protestors were agitated.   

The protestors in France and Australia also criticised the country heads, like the United Kingdom. France had taken care that the protests do not turn violent. A few days ago, France had issued a stern warning to protesters against Israel that harsh action would be taken if any violent protests were held.  

Meanwhile, the ADL organisation from the United States had expressed a concern that hate crimes and violence against Israel and Jews are rising around the globe. Against this background, it is apparent that the repercussions of these anti-Israel protests held in the United States and European countries will be felt in the western countries. The western political systems are singing a tune that supports the rocket attacks carried out by Hamas on Israel, supporting terrorism. Western countries are not against Palestine, but western analysts are pointing out that Hamas is not Palestine. 

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