‘Alexandre de Rothschild’ is the new Chairman of the ‘Franco-British Investment Bank’

Landon: Alexandre de Rothschild will be the new chairman of the ‘Franco-British Investment Bank’, established in 1838. He will be taking over as the Chairman as a successor to his father, David Rothschild. This change of guard was being planned for a long time, said David Rothschild.

The Rothschild family is connected with the banking sector for generations and Alexandre de Rothschild becomes the seventh member in the family tradition. ‘All the groundwork for handing over the reins of the ‘Franco-British Investment Bank’ to him have been completed and Alexandre has 15 years of experience. His knowledge and skills in developing relations have been witnessed by all. Therefore, everyone striving for the development and progress of the bank will be as enthusiastic as me today,’ claimed David Rothschild.

Alexandre de Rothschild will take over as the Chairman on 17th of May. 37 year old Alexandre has worked with the financial institution Bear Stearns in New York. The institution had collapsed after the recession in the United States. Alexandre de Rothschild began working for ‘Franco-British Investment Bank’ in 2008. Currently, he is working as the Vice-President of the bank.

Meanwhile, the ‘Franco-British Investment Bank’, which has a presence in 40 countries with 2800 employees has reported a revenue of GBP 850 million in the last six months. The changing economic scenario is posing fresh challenges before the leading and recognised banks and some banks have even gone bankrupt. Therefore, the revenue earned by this bank in such a challenging situation seems remarkable and the media worldwide too is noticing the change in leadership of this important investment bank very closely.

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