The importance of Mission Shakti underlined due to reactions of the major countries

Washington/Moscow: – Reactions are being received from around the world after the Indian demonstration of Anti-satellite capability. The United States has asked, what happens to the debris of the satellite that India shot down? Chief of DRDO G. Sathish answered this question, saying that the debris will disintegrate in 45 days. Whereas, the acting Secretary of Defence, Patrick Shanahan, said that the decision of the United States to form a space force was correct, looking at the Indian test.

India announced the successful completion of mission shakti on Wednesday, declaring that India can now shoot down satellites. India becomes the fourth country to achieve this. This is a crucial military factor. The message has been delivered to the world that India can destroy the satellites spying on it. As per the Indian analysts., taking into account the activities, especially, of competitor countries like China, this is a vital capability. Despite this, China is not willing to criticise India, in this matter. The international community also has avoided criticising India in this matter.

In 2007, strong reactions had emanated after China destroyed its satellite. The leading countries of the world had accused China of militarising the space. The United States and other countries had pointed out that the destruction of the satellite has resulted in nearly 3,000 pieces of debris flung into the area, and they could prove harmful for the satellites of the other countries. An accusation was also being that this was the Chinese intention behind destroying the satellite. Japan had severely criticised China over this issue. Japan had developed a special system to avoid damage to its satellites because of this space debris. Therefore, there were strong reactions to the Chinese action at that time. But after the Indian announcement, such reactions have not been received.

Acting US Secretary of Defence, Patrick Shanahan, expressed concern over the Indian tests in very soft words. Shanahan asked, what about the space debris that is created with this test? He also said that against the background of this test, it is proved that the decision of the United States to establish a space force was correct. At the same time, US Vice President Mike Pence declared that his country has entered into a new race with Russia and China in space. Saying that there is a space race like the one in 1960, the US Vice President claimed that the race this time is more fiercely competitive.

Whereas, Dmitry Rogozin, the chief of a Russian space-related organisation made a suggestive statement that arms race in the space started a long time ago and all are being sucked into it. The reactions received after the Indian tests are indicators for future developments. Therefore, it is proved that the timing of the Indian test is correct. At the same time, US analyst Ashley Tellis has claimed that India still has a long way to go in this sector.

Vipin Narang, Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that with this capability India could destroy all satellites of Pakistan, but it cannot destroy all satellites of China.

Despite all the clamour over the demilitarisation of space, it is clear from these reactions, that Russia and China have entered the arms race in space and India cannot afford to lag in this matter. Therefore, India has taken a step in the right direction announcing the acquired anti-satellite capability to the world.

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