EU completely prepared for ‘No Deal Brexit’, against the background of the political commotion in the UK

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Brussels/London: End of the political commotion, in the political circles of the United Kingdom, is not in sight, despite Prime Minister Theresa May’s success in bargaining for a limited time extension, for implementation of Brexit. The proposal submitted by Prime Minister May was rejected once again, by the British parliament and the parliament has taken an adamant stand that all the decisions in the matter will be taken by the parliament and not the cabinet of ministers. Against this background, the European Union has prepared itself for a No Deal Brexit and has even published a statement regarding that.

No-Deal-BrexitVarious proposals have been submitted to the British parliament in the last month, but the parliament has failed to come to a consensus on any of them. Therefore, it is certain that the previous deadline of 29th March, for the United Kingdom, to exit the European Union, will not be honoured. Last week, the European Union granted an extension to the United Kingdom, till the 22nd of April and had instructed that the final decision must be taken by the parliament, by 12th of April. But the parliament is divided into groups over this matter too. At the same time, indications are that the proposal for a second referendum is gaining momentum.

Against this background, 30 ruling party members rebelled and voted against the government. Because of this opposition, a resolution has been passed that all the decisions in the matter will be taken by the parliament and not the cabinet, adding to the problems faced by Prime Minister May. As the parliament will be taking all the decisions in the matter, the Proposal presented by May will indeed be rejected, and Soft Brexit or No Deal Brexit will be accepted.

Given this upheaval in the British parliament, the European Union has made all the preparations to accept the possible No Deal Brexit scenario. The Union has posted detailed information regarding this, on its website and has clarified that there will not be any transit period. The site also warns that there will be a major impact of the No Deal Brexit, on the British and European citizens, as well as the businesses.

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