China can be checkmated by supplying Corona vaccines to Asian countries

Washington: – It is being claimed that the Coronavirus vaccine has become a ‘Political Currency’ of today. The countries having the currency are said to be using it for their foreign policy. It is claimed that India is leading the pack. Indian has severely jolted China by developing these vaccines and it is being said that this has made China very restless. But now China has made preparations to supply the vaccine to 45 countries. Through this, an over-ambitious country like China can push its foreign policy aggressively. Considering this, the United States has made preparations to supply the corona vaccine to the Asian countries through QUAD to counter the Chinese ambitions.  


China had set the condition to join the Belt and Road Initiative to the small and emerging countries from the Asian sector to receive the Chinese vaccine. The Chinese logic was that these countries panicking due to the Coronavirus pandemic would be left with no option but to join the initiative. But India developed the vaccine before China. The credibility and effectiveness of the Indian vaccines is much higher than the Chinese vaccine. Moreover, their cost also is more economical as compared to the Chinese vaccine. Therefore, the Chinese plot seems to be failing on this front.   

Still, China has started strong moves to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic and supply the vaccine to small and emerging countries. Accordingly, China will be supplying the vaccine to nearly 45 countries. The Chinese move to supply nearly 500 million doses to these countries makes the Biden administration note the development. It is being claimed that taking cognisance that China will use the vaccine to fulfil its ambitions, the Biden administration has initiated steps against it. As per the received information, the Biden administration has decided to use the QUAD countries’ cooperation for this purpose.   

In 2004, The United States, India, Japan and Australia had formed the QUAD. The QUAD countries expeditiously started rescue operations after the tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004. Kurt Campbell, coordinator for Indo-Pacific policy at the White House, said that while the Coronavirus pandemic is rampaging, QUAD can cooperate and help the smaller countries similarly. Whereas, Tanvi Madan, the India expert at the Bookings Institute has given more detailed information. The QUAD cooperation is not only to stop China but can also be delivered by supplying the Corona vaccine. Tanvi Madan claimed that this will clear the doubts regarding QUAD and the Asian countries will get connected with QUAD.   

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