Include Taiwan in QUAD to stop China, appeal senior Taiwanese leaders

Taipei: – Taiwan should be included in the QUAD cooperation between India, the United States, Japan and Australia. Senior Taiwanese leader, Wang Ting-yu, appealed that if China is to be stopped, the inclusion of Taiwan in QUAD will be an essential step. Wang is a leader from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Taiwan. A reaction could be received from China, who claims Taiwan as a part of China, over the Taiwanese leader’s statement.  

china-taiwan-quadWang Ting-yu is a DPP leader and President of the Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of the Taiwanese parliament. A leading news channel in Australia recently interviewed him. During the interview, Wang said that there is a scope to open new channels of cooperation between Taiwan and Australia. He underlined that Taiwan and Australia are both democratic countries.   

Taiwan wants to establish cooperation with democratic countries. Wang claimed that if collaboration is established between democratic countries, it will be beneficial for developing both countries’ economic and defence-related capabilities. Currently, there no cooperation between Taiwan and Australia on the diplomatic level. Wang said, ‘But cooperation in certain sectors will be a good journey for both countries.’  

Saying that the Australian position in this region has improved, he drew the news channel’s attention to QUAD. Wang clarified that the inclusion of a country like Taiwan is necessary for an organisation like QUAD to stop the aggressive Chinese activities in the Indo-Pacific region. The senior Taiwanese leader also claimed that Taiwan could be a perfect partner for QUAD.  

Meanwhile, QUAD has been formed for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific sector. India has clarified that this organisation is in no way a threat to any country’s security in the region. But Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had criticised that the formation of this organisation by India, Japan, Australia and the United States is against China. This organisation is the NATO of the Indo-pacific. At the same time, China had objected to the QUAD naval exercises, held in the Indian Ocean, a month ago. 

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