30 soldiers of Myanmar military killed in an attack by rebel People’s Defence Force

Naypyidaw – Violent clashes between the junta regime and armed rebel groups in Myanmar indicate the conflict to intensify further. As per Radio Free Asia website, at least 30 people were killed in an attack by the People’s Defence Force on a military convoy in Sagaing province. This is the fourth major attack on the Myanmar army in Sagaing province in the past three weeks. The junta regime, however, has denied the claims that any soldiers have been killed.


Myanmar, People's Defence Forces (HPG), Myanmar militaryIn February, Myanmar’s military seized power through a coup. The people of Myanmar took to the streets and started a democratic agitation to oppose the military’s decision. Despite the brutality and atrocities perpetrated by the army, the people of Myanmar have held their ground. Even after eight months, the agitation continues, and its extent seems to be widening. Leaders of Myanmar’s democratic regime and ethnic and rebel groups have all aligned to form the National Unity Government.

Following the call by the National Unity Government, several groups fighting against the junta regime in Myanmar have come together and launched an armed struggle in the form of the People’s Defence Force. In the last few months, there have been reports of constant clashes between the People’s Defence Force and military units in various parts of Myanmar. The intensity of conflicts in Sagaing province has increased wherein the military units have been targeted several times in the past month, as per the local sources.

The People’s Defence Force attacked a military convoy using a landmine near Mile village on Monday. A spokesman for the People’s Defence Force claimed that 30 soldiers, including the military commander, were killed in the blast. They also claimed to have targeted another military convoy on Tuesday. A police station in the Monywa area was attacked, killing two policemen.

Myanmar, People's Defence Forces (HPG), Myanmar militaryThis is the fourth attack on the army in Sagaing, Myanmar, in the past three weeks. The People’s Defence Force has claimed that about 100 soldiers were killed in the three previous attacks. However, the Junta regime denied the claims and confirmed killing only a few soldiers in the September 22 attacks. Claims by the People’s Defence Force indicate that the extent of the armed struggle against the Junta regime is intensifying.

Meanwhile, more than a thousand civilians have been killed, and 8,000 people have also been jailed in the crackdown by Myanmar’s junta regime.

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