The parliamentary elections in May will bring major changes to the European Union; warns Italian Matteo Salvini

Rome/Brussels: Italian Internal Security, Minister Matteo Salvini issued a warning to the established leadership of the European Union ‘When the elected representatives use words like puppets, slaves, jokers and racism, it cannot be termed as a dialogue. But after the 25th of May, the situation will not be the same, and Europe will change.’ Since the last few days, the European Union is consistently being criticised by the Italian government, and the parliamentarians from the ‘5 Star’ party have criticised the Union of being hypocrites.

Last year, party with rightist and nationalist ideology came to power in Italy, and this government has strongly opposed the Union, over the issues like migrants and economic matters. Italy being an influential country in the Union, its opposition can spell trouble for the established leadership of the Union.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Europe, in May. This election is believed to be a decisive conflict between the established systems, currently operational in Europe and rightist and nationalist groups rising since the last few years. In the last one year, the rightist and nationalist ideology has been rising in Europe and this ideology is seen to be gaining popular support in a big way.

The ruling Italian government is considered to be the glaring example of this. Not only in Italy, but the rightist and nationalist groups are becoming successful in major European countries like Germany, France, Hungary, Spain and Austria and the process of bringing them together has already started. A few days ago, a group that is a part of the Union had predicted big success for the rightist and nationalist groups. They also warned that these groups would have the power to make changes to the European Parliament, policies of the European Union and the decision-making process.

The salvo fired by the Italian ruling party leaders becomes significant, against this background. Until now, Matteo Salvini, the leader of Lega party and deputy Prime Minister, Luigi De Mayo were targeting the European Union. But now, the other parliamentarians also have adopted an aggressive stance and have started openly expressing displeasure regarding the Union.

Manliodi Stefano, a parliamentarian from the 5 Star party,accused the Union of hypocrisy. Stefano fired a salvo of criticism at the Union, ‘If the Union wants to save Europe, it should stop its hypocrisy and establish a dialogue. Claudio Borghi, the member of the Lega party and Chief of the budget committee of the Italian parliament, had straight away threatened to leave the Union.

Borghi targeted the Union saying that this is the last chance for the European groups, including Italy. We now can change Europe. If that does not happen, Italy will be forced to exit from the union. The union is a destructive and poisonous agency.

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