Pakistan Interior Minister accuses India of starting a hybrid war

Islamabad: – Sheikh Rashid, Pakistan’s interior minister, declared that India has launched an undeclared ‘hybrid war’ against Pakistan. Pakistani youth must be prepared to face this, said Sheikh Rashid, Pakistan’s interior minister. Silsila, daughter of Najibullah Alikhali, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan, was abducted from Islamabad. Instead of investigating the case, Pakistan had alleged that the abduction was a joint operation by Afghanistan and India. Afghanistan then recalled its ambassador and other diplomatic staff from Pakistan. Following the repercussions at the international level, Pakistan’s internal security minister has blamed India’s ‘hybrid war’ for the whole affair.  


The daughter of the Afghan ambassador has been abducted and allegedly tortured by her captors. However, Pakistan had provoked Afghanistan by claiming that no such abduction had taken place. Afghanistan has since recalled its Ambassador to Pakistan and other political officials, and relations between the two countries have festered. Pakistani journalists criticised the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan for handling the issue so irresponsibly. They claimed that no one could tolerate the remarks made by Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid about the daughter of the Afghan ambassador. At the same time, a question was being raised in Pakistan whether Imran Khan’s government can maintain internal security after nine Chinese engineers were killed in a saboteur act in Kohistan, Pakistan?  

But the Pakistani government is defending itself, accusing India of being responsible for both incidents. India does not want Pakistan and China’s friendship which is higher than the Himalayas. Imran Khan’s effective leadership is unsettling for India and Israel. Sheikh Rashid alleged that therefore, these conspiracies are being hatched to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and China. A day before the FATF meeting, a bomb exploded near Hafeez Saeed’s house in Lahore. A day before the Joint Coordination Committee-JCC for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a bomb blast at Dasu killed Chinese engineers. After Pakistan hosted a conference on Afghanistan, the daughter of an Afghan ambassador was abducted from Islamabad. Sheikh Rashid cited the ‘hybrid war’ as an international conspiracy against Pakistan.  

Pakistani journalists are urging their own government to stop aiding terrorist organisations like the Taliban rather than blaming others for Pakistan’s security failures. The journalists also point out that Pakistan is paying the price in different ways to insist that the US will not be provided with a military base to control Afghanistan. Journalists are sharply criticising that these are consequences of the suicidal policies adopted by the Pakistani government and army. 

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