Pakistan should not put conditions before India after the lesson taught in Balakot, warned the Indian Airforce

New Delhi/Islamabad: Pakistan does not seem to have recovered from the shock of the Balakot attack. Pakistan is still concerned about the Indian fighter jets deployed near the border, and this is the reason that Pakistan has raised the issue of airspace. The Indian Airforce officials have clearly warned ‘The Pakistani condition that if India reduced the fighter jets from near the border, Pakistan would open the airspace for India, becomes a demand and not a request. Pakistan cannot decide as to how many fighter jets, India should deploy, in its border region.’

In February, Indian fighter jets attacked Pakistan and destroyed terrorist bases. Thereafter Pakistani fighter jets tried to enter the Indian airspace. To retaliate against India against the background of this tension, Pakistan closed its airspace for the Indian airplanes. The airspace has not been opened till now.

pakistan, indian airforce, balakotPakistan has put a condition that the number of fighter jets deployed in the border region, will have to be reduced before the airspaceis opened. This shocking revelation was made through submission by the Pakistani officials, in their parliament. It is believed that the main reason behind this condition, is the fear of new action similar to the Balakot strike.

India has made major military deployment near the Pakistan border, and that also includes fighter jets. Pakistan cannot counter these fighter jets. The limitations of the Pakistani air force were exposed clearly in the Balakot strike. Therefore, the Pakistani effort is to put pressure to reduce the deployment rather than having to face an airstrike.

It is being claimed in the Pakistani circles that if the Indian deployment is reduced, the intensity of the attacks on Pakistan will also be less.

But there are clear indications that India, who has adopted a very aggressive stance against Pakistan, would not accept the Pakistan demand. The Indian government has indicated augmenting the deployment at the border and also deploying advanced systems at the border.

Senior Indian Airforce officials recently claimed that India would be deploying the advanced Rafale and Sukhoi fighter jets in this region and Pakistan will never be able to face them. In this situation, India will not accede to any of the Pakistani demands.

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