Pakistan’s justification for Hafiz Saeed

Islamabad: India had strongly protested the Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan’s participation in a meeting with Hafiz Saeed. Palestine also declared this act by its Ambassador Walid Abu Ali,  as “unacceptable”and asked him to return home immediately. However, Pakistan has justified the presence of the Palestinian Ambassador in the meeting. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has claimed that the rally by Hafiz Saeed clearly indicates the support that Palestine enjoys from the general public of Pakistan.

Hafeez-saeedAfter declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the United States had decided to move its Embassy headquarters from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This decision was voted down in the UN, and a resolution for the same was also passed. India had voted in favour of this resolution. But just within a few days, the Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan, Walid Abu Ali, participated in a rally and meeting organized in Pakistan against the resolution. The said rally and meeting was organized by Hafiz Saeed’s “Difa-e-Pakistan”.

Both the Ambassador and Saeed shared the same stage during this rally. Hafiz Saeed spewed bitter criticism on Israel as well as India in the presence of Ambassador Walid Abu Ali. At this time, Saeed stated that Israel and India have together endangered world peace. India has strongly objected to this statement and also registered its protest to Palestine.

Palestine acknowledged India’s protest and declared that the Ambassador’s presence at such a rally was by no means acceptable. It also decided to bring home the Ambassador. 

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to this by justifying for Hafiz Saeed. Anybody in Pakistan is free to support Palestine. This rally organized by Saeed is a clear indication of Pakistani public’s support to Palestine’s cause. The Ministry also released a statement claiming that Saeed is entitled to his freedom of expression and his participation in the rally has in no way violated the UN’s rules. 

By justifying the actions of a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed, for whom the United States has declared a reward of 10 million dollars, Pakistan has once again made it clear that it has no intentions of mending its policies. Moreover Pakistan is trying to link the problem of Jerusalem with the Kashmir issue. However, Palestine’s acknowledgment of India’s protest shows that Pakistan will not be able to succeed in its efforts.

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