Pakistan committing genocide in Balochistan allege Baloch leaders

Quetta /New Delhi : After the Prime Minister Modi mentioned Balochistan in the Independence Day speech, the Pakistani army has started committing severe atrocities on the Baloch civilians. The Pakistani army is using chemical weapons against the Baloch civilians and many people are killed by adding poisonous chemicals to water. Baloch leaders have appealed to the International community to pay attention to the Pakistani genocide. They have also added that Balochistan has high expectations from India.

BalochistanThe Baloch leader Naela Quadri has added that while the Baloch people have been suffering from Pakistani atrocities for the last seven decades, a tsunami of atrocities has been unleashed here, after India raised the issue of the human rights violations in Balochistan.  More than hundred people are being killed every day. Our innocent children are being killed by the army by using chemical weapons, said Quadri, thus bringing the issue of Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan to the world’s notice.

Currently media is banned in Balochistan and utmost care is being taken to suppress the news of the Pakistani atrocities. Quadri has claimed that she has several proofs of the Pakistan army’s severe atrocities in Balochistan.

Other Baloch leaders have also made serious allegations against the new tsunami of Pakistani atrocities. The descendant of the royal family of Balochistan, Meer Sulaiman Dawood Jaan Ahmedzi aka the ‘Khan of Kalaat’ has said that it is time the world took notice of the Pakistani army atrocities. He has also welcomed the Prime Minister Modi’s stand on Balochistan.

Apart from the Baloch people, India and other countries also have fallen victims to the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and all of them should unite against it, said the ‘Khan of Kalaat’. Mir Sulaiman said that Balochistan expects a lot from India and also expressed hope that India can do much more for Balochistan.

In the meanwhile, anti-Pakistan demonstrations are being held in many parts of Balochistan.

On Tuesday also, demonstrations were held on a large scale in Kovala in Awaran district of Balochistan.  Women also participated in large numbers in the demonstrations. The demonstrations were held to mark protests against the atrocities of the Pakistani army in the past few days. There are news of similar demonstrations being held in Balochistan’s Dera Bugti and other parts. The Baloch demonstrators are protesting against the inhuman atrocities of the army. Slogans are also being raised against China’s interference in Balochistan.

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