The source and root of all terror attacks in the world is the same, PM Modi levels crushing criticism on Pakistan

Third World WarSingapore: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on Pakistan saying ‘The source and the roots of all the terrorist attacks around the world are concentrated in only one place.’ Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale informed that the Prime Minister made this allegation during his discussions with the US Vice President Mike Pence. The discussion between Prime Minister Modi and US Vice President Pence was held against the backdrop of the East Asia summit. Prime Minister Modi also held bilateral talks with the heads of states of Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

The main issues that featured in the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and US Vice President Pence were defence cooperation between India and the United States, bilateral trade, coordination in the Indo-Pacific sector and other vital issues. The US Vice President referred to the approaching 10th anniversary of the 26/11 terror attacks. Prime Minister Modi thanked the US Vice President for reminding that the source and roots of all the terror attacks were concentrated in one place. Without directly naming Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi slammed Pakistan calling it the terrorist base of the world.

source, narendra modi, mike pence, pakistanThe Prime Minister expressed concern that Hafeez Saeed, the mastermind of the 26/11 attacks was moving freely in Pakistan. Prime Minister Modi also expressed grave concern during the discussions with the US Vice President Pence, that Saeed was also contesting elections in Pakistan. Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale informed that Prime Minister Modi also claimed that a terrorist leader contesting an election is not a matter of concern only for India and the United States but is a matter of great concern for the entire international community.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said that India and the United States are developing cooperation against terrorism with help from the international community and that both countries have adopted an aggressive stance against terrorism. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi held bilateral talks with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Prime Minister Modi also held discussions with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Thailand Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Prime Minister Modi once again blamed Pakistan of being the centre of terrorism in the world, without naming it directly. As the United States has also endorsed this Indian viewpoint, the challenges faced by Pakistan will become more difficult.

The new Pakistan government is struggling to improve its economy by taking loans from the International Monitory Fund. The analysts and economists are pointing out to the Pakistan government that to avail this loan, Pakistan will have to convince the United States. In spite of this fact, Pakistan is not willing to accede to the United States’ demand for action against the terrorists.

This has made the stance of the United States more and more aggressive, and President Trump’s administration has reprimanded Pakistan. Even then the Pakistani government and military are not willing to take action against the terrorists like Hafeez Saeed and the Taliban militants. These terrorists are moving freely in Pakistan and challenging the government. India and the United States have delivered a clear message that although these pro-terrorist policies of Pakistan were overlooked till date, henceforth, Pakistan will have to face the consequences. Featuring of the 26/11 terror attacks in the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and US Vice President Pence bore evidence to this.

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