Arms race ignites between US and China. China exhibits new missile defense system

Beijing: China too responded to the US deployment of ‘THAAD’ advanced anti-missile system in South Korea. China, known for maintaining top secrecy regarding its defense preparedness, for the first time has exhibited the anti-missile system developed to protect its airspace security. China’s system is believed to be a response to the US ‘THAAD’ system.

china-missile- arms raceRecently, the Air Wing of ‘People’s Liberation Army’ (PLA) performed a military parade. In this parade the anti-missile system capable of launching attack from the ground was displayed. China’s Air Wing gave detailed information on this system.

This Chinese anti-missile system is capable of destroying long, medium and short range missiles. This system can even destroy missiles launched from low and high altitudes, claimed the Chinese Air Force. However, China avoided disclosing the name of this system.

This anti-missile system has enabled to strengthen China’s air security, claims the Chinese Air force. In the earlier military parades China had exhibited its air security systems. China now, has exhibited multi-purpose anti-missile systems. These two systems have increased the security of China’s airspace sovereignty, claims China.

Soon these anti-missile systems will be deployed, informed the Chinese Defense department, however, China has not yet disclosed the deployment location for these systems. But, there is a strong possibility that China might deploy this systems against the US ‘THAAD’ system in South Korea.

china-xi-@XinhuaSince past a few  months, severe conflicts have been developed between the US and China. China has expressed its claim over the entire ‘South China Sea’ and has developed a series of artificial islands in this region. The US accused stating that China has militarized this marine area by deploying armed forces in these artificial islands. At the same time, the US has supported countries like Phillipines and Vietnam against China, over the rights of this marine region. The US too has deployed aircraft carrier warships and destroyers in this marine zone.

Countering Chinese claims, US has announced to deploy advanced ‘THAAD’ anti-missile system in South Korea claiming that the security of its ally nations is endangered after the missile test conducted by North Korea. This system is launched against North Korea hence China should not worry about this deplyoment, clarified the US. However, China is not ready to accept these claims made by the US. China has alleged that the deployment of ‘THAAD’ is against China itself. Considering this China has exhibited the anti-missile system, to give a fitting response to the US and South Korea.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Xi Jingping ,the President of China visited the office of ‘Strategic Support Force’ of ‘PLA’. During this visit President Jingping mentioned that  ‘Strategic Support Force’ will have a prime responsibility. Jingping expressed his expectation saying that China’s Strategic Support Force should be superior, fearless and capable of defeating all.

‘Strategic Support Force’ was instituted as a part of the changes made in the defense and security policy last year by China. This squad will be responsible for National Security as well as for highly important campaigns, informed Jingping.

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  1. Nikhil Bhalwankar   September 7, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Every nation is preparing itself for the near future. By looking at current situations, there may be high chances of conflicts between nations.


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