North Korea supplied chemical missiles to Syria, explosive report by United Nations

United Nations: The United Nations has stated in its report ‘North Korea has sold necessary materials for manufacture of chemical and ballistic missiles to Syria and Myanmar. They have done this in spite of the ban by the United Nations.’ At the same time, the United Nations has alleged that North Korea has earned $ 200 million through the sales of banned minerals in the international market. Based on theUnited Nations report, the US and Japan can ask for more sanctions to be imposed on North Korea.

UN, missiles, syria. north koreaUnited Nations had published one report on last Friday. The report stated that North Korea is assisting the Assad regime in Syria in manufacturing of chemical missiles. The report also alleges that North Korea has supplied materials for chemical and long range ballistic missiles manufacture. The said material was delivered, in Syria, to the laboratory ‘Scientific Studies and Research Center’ manufacturing chemical missiles.

North Korea has exported these banned materials about 40 times, between 2012 and 2017. The United Nations report claims that the North Korean material had reached ‘Scientific Studies and Research Center’. There are no logs created for these banned materials. But, this information has been exposed now and North Korea has done a similar transaction with Myanmar too, states the report.

Other than Syria and Myanmar, North Korea has maintained trade relations with some other countries too. The United Nations has claimed in its report that it includes China, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. North Korea has exported coal, iron, steel and other minerals to these countries. In order to avoid the attention of the international inspectors, North Korea used various different routes, plans and scams, says the reports.

North Korea has earned $ 200 million in the nine months, from January to September, in the last year from this trade. The United Nations had not only banned North Korea from trading in chemical missiles, but also in the concerned minerals. But, North Korea has violated the United Nations rules by exporting these minerals. Before this, the information that North Korea had helped Iran to build its nuclear project in Syria had come to light.

Meanwhile, the United Nations and the US have been accusing the Assad regime of launching chemical weapon attacks on its own people. The US had warned of military action in Syria to stop the chemical attacks. The United Nations report of North Korea helping Syria for chemical weapon comes at a time when there is a possibility of sparking off a conflict about chemical attacks in Syria. This could result in failure of the efforts to tackle the North Korean nuclear weapons problem.

The US and Japan, the countries demanding stern action against North Korea might now take an aggressive stance and demand for more stringent sanctions against North Korea. This will invoke a reaction from North Korea and the tension in the Korean region will rise.