Neighbouring countries trust India more than China: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari clarified the difference between India and China by stating, ‘Indian culture does not include expansionism. Therefore, Indian neighbours do not feel threatened by India. But this confidence that these neighbouring countries have in India is not there in expansionist China because the wellbeing of the entire world is the teaching of the Indian culture. Whereas, China has increased its influence through expansionism.’

Nearly 18 countries share their border with China, and there is a border dispute with 14 of these. Gadkari launched an attack on the expansionist Chinese policies. Indian culture has no place for expansionism. The nature of the Indians is that the entire world should be benefited and this has trickled down through cultures and generations in the Indian population. Gadkari was addressing a function for release of a book.

Neighbouring countries trust India more than China: Union Minister Nitin GadkariGadkari said that the neighbouring countries have faith in this very Indian culture. Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have never feared that India will attack any of them using its military might. Gadkari retorted that these very countries do not have a similar faith in China. Gadkari drew the attention of the world towards Chinese expansionism, saying that China has increased its influence with expansionism and it wants to rule the entire world.

Since the last few days, Gadkari has been consistently criticising Chinese expansionism. At the same time, Gadkari said that to reduce the Chinese influence, it is necessary to promote Swadeshi (indigenous) and encourage the small-scale domestic industry. The Union Minister said that efforts are being made to make loans of ₹1 million available to all the small-scale industries while speaking at a function on Tuesday.

China has adopted a policy to challenge India by increasing influence in the Indian neighbours. China is investing billions of dollars in these countries and assisting its agents in the neighbouring countries of India. But by now, these countries have come to realise that this cooperation and loan assistance is nothing but a noose around their necks. Nepal also has started feeling apprehensive about China, after losing some of its villages to Chinese expansionism. Therefore, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, known to be a staunch antagonist of India, has taken the wise decision of increasing cooperation with India. Sri Lanka has come to its senses after China devoured the Hambantota port and the Sri Lankan government has decided to tread the path of economic cooperation with India. Myanmar, Maldives and Bangladesh also are strengthening their cooperation with India to counter the Chinese domination. Therefore, the claim made by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, regarding the neighbouring countries, appears to be perfectly timed.

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