India sternly warns China during border discussion

New Delhi: The prolonged discussion between the Indian and Chinese military leaders over the border conflict has been concluded. As per the news, in this discussion, the Indian representatives have sternly warned China. India clarified that China must step forward to restore the border situation it was before 5 May. At the same time, India has adopted an insistent front that China must adhere to the policies, which have been formed regarding the border conflict. Moreover, as per the claim of sources, India has warned China clearly in the meeting that this matter will not settle unless China withdraws entirely from the border.


India sternly warns China during border discussionThe fourth phase of this important meeting was ongoing until Tuesday midnight. Lt. Gen. Harinder Singh led this meeting of military leaders in Chushul. It is being said that in this 14-hour-long marathon meeting, India was firm on its stance. Moreover, the sources have said that India has cautioned China of the red lines in this meeting. The sources also informed that both the nations have agreed to withdraw their deployments at the border to release the border tension. India also presented the point to speed up the withdrawal process at the Galwan Valley, Hot Springs, Gogra and also Pangong Tso and Lapsang. Besides, India warned China that this withdrawal must be made within the given timeline. Plus, the status of this withdrawal will also be confirmed.

India has demanded China to strictly follow the rules that were agreed upon by both the nations about deployment and patrolling at the LAC. By stipulating China to restore the conditions at the LAC as they were before 5 May, India has toned down the effect of Chinese claim. Besides, the Chinese foreign ministry asserted that this meeting had a positive outcome. Moreover, as India is being backed strongly by the powerful nations across the globe, China is compelled to accept a flexible policy. Only a day before, Japan had accused China of being the main culprit behind the border tension in India. Furthermore, Japan has blamed China of invading Bhutan, South China Sea, the East China Sea alongside India to expand its borders.

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