NATO warns of ‘Hyper War’ due to cyber attacks, artificial intelligence and China-Russia’s power

Brussels: A new report published by NATO warns of growing possibility of a war breaking out between two countries on a global scale which could transform into hyper war. The report further warned that cyber attacks, artificial intelligence, the growing military power of China and Russia and North Korea’s nukes could prove potential triggers to this hyper war. NATO recently published a new ‘Four yearly report’ in which it claimed that the odds of the western powers winning such a hyper war are decreasing.

Hyper-WarGlobsec, the study group associated with NATO, published a report named the ‘Globsec NATO Adaptation Initiative Final Report’ on Wednesday. Information on main threats and challenges to NATO has been provided in this report. This report was led by John Allen, the retired US Marine Corps general, who was also the commander of the US Army in Afghanistan and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force.

NATO’s report warns that potential risk of war at the global level has increased even more than before and  it could lead to ‘Hyper War’. This report also claims that the war between two nations will involve large scale use of modern and advanced technologies. Further it indicated that he factors responsible for ‘Hyper war’ will be a part of the ever increasing global dangers.

The growing as well as aggressive military strength of Russia and China has been  included in the risk factors leading to the war. Similarly, cyber attacks and military systems based on artificial intelligence have been included amongst the most dangerous factors. It will be dangerous to NATO and western allies to remain on back foot in the race of weaponising artificial intelligence, warned the report. It says that NATO should consider the fact that along with ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Data Mining’, ‘Computer Vision’, ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’, ‘Virtual Reality’ are also  a part of a future battlespace.

Along with these advanced technologies, advancements in the field of ‘Quantum Computing’ have got a special mention in the report and it warns that this will create a very different conflict environment in the future. It further clarified that because of this technology, the time consumed in making decision and its execution will come down from hours and days to minutes and seconds or even less. Advancements in Computer Technology is the most revolutionary change in conflict since the advent of atomic weaponry, the report suggests.

The terrifying prospect of computers making life-or-death decisions on battlefield was identified among 20 dangerous factors of the future. General Denis Mercier, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander of Transformation, said the report clearly showed a higher risk of global war. He added that apart from NATO everyone else must be equipped to fight any  situation.

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