MPs and Ministers to take a 30% salary cut  

New Delhi: – Meeting of the Union Cabinet of Ministers was held on Monday, through video conferencing. The decision to cut salaries of the Ministers and Member of Parliaments (MPs), for one year, by 30%, was taken during the meeting. The President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and the State Governors decided to take 30% less salaries for one year, on their own. At the same time, the development funds allocation for the MPs has been withdrawn for the next two years.  

The Union cabinet’s meeting was presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar informed that the decision to cut the salaries of the ministers and MPs by 30%, for one year, was taken during this meeting of the union cabinet. The union cabinet has issued an ordinance to that effect. Javadekar said that this will soon be converted into legislation. He also said that the MPs would not be able to utilise the development of fund allocation for the next two years. These amounts will be deposited in the ‘Consolidated Fund of India’ and will be used for the fight against Coronavirus 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi has assured all the possible assistance to the farmers. Prime Minister Modi instructed all the ministers to chart out a policy, to be implemented after the lockdown. Prime Minister Modi ordered all the Ministers in the union cabinet and the MPs to work on a war footing, against the Coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi ordered that they should reach people in the remotest villages. 

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