More than 10,000 perpetrators of violence arrested in the United States

Washington: – The protests which started after the death of George Floyd are continuing even on the tenth day. The incidence of violence has still not reduced during the demonstrations, which began peacefully, and the security agencies have arrested more than 10,000 people. Protests are still being held in the cities of New York, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, along with capital Washington, and incidents of attack on the policemen also have been reported. Meanwhile, President Trump is facing criticism for the way of handling the agitation and former Secretary for Defence, James Mattis, has accused Trump of creating a divide in the United States.

United States, George Floyd, protests

Last month on the 25th of May, a black American, George Floyd, was killed during police action. A wave of rage spread among the black citizens in the United States, and a countrywide agitation against police brutality was started. Protests are being held in more than 75 cities from 25 US states, and many violent incidents have been reported. Allegations of some political groups and movements taking advantage of the agitation and the violence are also being made.

United States, George Floyd, protests

Against this background, curfew has been imposed in many US cities and will continue until the 7th of June. National guards have been deployed in some cities, and the police have started arresting people perpetrating violence. It is reported that more than 10,000 people have been arrested so far. As the violence is continuing, even after this action, police have resorted to the use of water cannons and tear gas.

Meanwhile, there are attempts being made to target President Trump over the issue of the death of George Floyd. James Mattis, former US Secretary for Defence, has fired a salvo of criticism at President Trump through an article. Mattis accused that Trump has failed in handling the agitation and he is trying to create a divide in the country. He also retorted that the United States does not have capable leadership since the last three years and the country is facing the consequences.

President Trump has given an apt reply to the criticism made by Mattis. President Trump lashed out that General Mattis is an official, who has been given undue importance.

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