Mongolians protest against China’s latest oppressive move

Tokyo: – Protests have started in Inner Mongolia, which is an autonomous province of China, over the imposition of Mandarin language. On Saturday, non-resident Mongolian citizens attempted to draw the attention of the world, towards the Chinese oppression, by holding protests outside the Chinese embassy, in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. The Chinese government has implemented the new language policy in the country and the Mandarin language has been made compulsory even in local language schools. The Chinese government had ordered the inclusion of Mandarin language in the school syllabus, side-lining the local languages.   

china-mongoliya Strong reactions are emanating from the Inner Mongolian population on this issue. China is destroying the local language, Mongolian culture and traditions, of Inner Mongolia, using its economic, political and military might. The local population is accusing China of imposing its culture on Inner Mongolia. The social activists have accused that China is attempting to kill the local language of Mongolia, with the implementation of this new law.   

The population of Inner Mongolia has taken to the streets and have started intense protests. Only last week, thousands of students and parents had come on the roads, to agitate against this decision of the Chinese government. Repercussions of the agitation are being felt even in foreign countries. Also, the protest in Japan was a result of the same repercussion.   

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