Prime Minister Modi holds talks with the US President

Washington: US President, Donald Trump had a telephonic discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin having telephonic discussions with Prime Minister Modi, before this. The White House informed that the developments in Afghanistan were the leading topic of discussion between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi. Meanwhile, as the reports of these talks between the Indian and US leaders were coming in, it was revealed that the US aircraft carrier USS John Stennis entered the Indian Ocean region from the Persian Gulf.

Modi-talksSatisfactions was expressed on the development of bilateral relations between India and the United States, in 2018, during the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Trump. Both the leaders agreed on strengthening this cooperation in the future. At the same time, both the leaders also discussed the situation in Afghanistan. The US President is demanding more contribution to Afghanistan’s security, from the Indian side.

It is being said that President Trump expects India to deploy its army in Afghanistan. But India has already refused this US demand. But Prime Minister Modi and President Trump have decided to increase the scope of cooperation in respect of Afghanistan, during the discussions on Monday. Both the leaders also agreed to make joint efforts for security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region.

The White House revealed the information regarding the discussions between President Trump and Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Modi had a telephonic conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin only a few hours before this. But the details of that discussions have not been revealed. But both the Russian as well as US president talking to the Indian Prime Minister are giving some different indications. The developments in Afghanistan have gained momentum, and Pakistan has still not given up the policy to support the Taliban. At the same time, there is a tremendous increase in aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. This makes the timing of the discussions between the US President and the Indian Prime Minister, very significant. Prime Minister Modi also held discussions with the Japanese Prime Minister Taro Kono, who is on his visit to India.

Information has been received that the US aircraft carrier, USS John Stennis will be moving from the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean. Some time ago, the concerned warship was deployed in the Persian Gulf.The US navy informed that it had entered the Indian Ocean from there and it will be sailing to the Pacific Ocean sector, after that.

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