Refer to LAC as Indo-Tibetan border, appeals Chief of Tibetan government in exile  

New Delhi/Dharamshala: – Dr Lobsang Sangay, the Chief of Tibetan government in exile, appealed ‘Accepting the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as Indo-China border is legalising the Chinese claim over Tibet. Since the last 60 years, the LAC has been referred to as the Chinese border. But this has only added strength to Chinese aggression. Therefore, the LAC must be referred to as the Indo-Tibetan border.’ At the same time, Tenzin Tsundue, a Tibetan activist, said that an independent Tibet would be the best line of defence for India against China.  

Last month, a bill for Tibetan independence was presented in the US Congress. The United States has also decided to ban entry of the Chinese officials, creating an obstacle for the Tibetan tourists to travel abroad. Two days ago, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, also raised the issue of atrocities meted out to the Tibetan people and indicated a strong action against it. There is an anti-China sentiment in the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, there is anger against China for attacking the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley, on the international level. Against this background, the Tibetan refugees, oppressed by China for the last so many years, using its military and political might, have become aggressive against China.  

China forcibly acquired Tibet. But China did not stop at that. Its expansionism continues. The Indo-Tibetan border came to be known as the Indo-China border. But in reality, it is Indo-Tibetan border. Dr Sangay expressed regret that despite this, the border is referred to as Indo-Chinese border legalising the Chinese aggression.   

During an interview with a newspaper, Dr Sangay said that the Indo-Tibetan border needs to be restored to its original state. India and Tibet relations have a history of thousands of years. Dr Sangay said that the border dispute between India and China would end, if the border is restored to its original state. Dr Sangay also made an appeal to the countries with similar ideology, to unite against China, who is trying to take undue advantage of the Coronavirus crisis.   

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the Tibetan youth congress started a campaign to declare Tibet as a buffer state between India and China. The Tibetan people held strong protests in Dharamshala on Friday and burnt effigies of Chinese President Xi Jinping and also Chinese products. The protestors made an earnest appeal to the international community to ban Chinese products. 

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