Maharashtra ATS arrests a duo with 7 kgs of Uranium

Mumbai: Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested two people possessing 7 Kilograms of Uranium. This Uranium was to be sold. The arrested duo is being thoroughly interrogated to ascertain the source of the Uranium and the party to whom this was to be sold. Information was also received that the pair got the Uranium tested from a laboratory. Search for the laboratory is also being conducted.


Maharashtra ATS arrests a duo with 7 kgs of UraniumJigar Pandya and Abu Tahir Afzal Hussain are the names of the two people detained by the ATS. As per the information given by an official, Jigar Pandya was arrested on 14th February from Thane. After the police received a tipoff, he owned some valuable pieces and searched for customers to sell them. After that, a trap was laid and Pandya was apprehended. Pandya was thoroughly interrogated; after that he was known to possess Uranium. Abu Tahir’s name surfaced during the interrogation. Pandya said that Abu Tahir who gave these pieces to him.

ATS informed that after that, Abu Tahir was traced and arrested from Mankhurd. He was arrested from the premises of the Kurla Scrap Association. 7.100 Kilograms of Uranium, in the natural form, was seized from him. This Uranium is valued at ₹210 million in the international market.

Uranium is a highly radioactive substance used in atomic energy and nuclear weapons. It is also used in some sensitive medical equipment. Uranium is exceptionally hazardous to humans. Humans can even die if exposed to radiation. The Uranium seized by the ATS was sent to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for testing. ATS Inspector General Shivdeep Lande informed that the seized Uranium was in 90% pure form.

It is still not clear as to what kind of terror activity was behind this. But ATS is trying to find answers to the questions, where did the duo get such a dangerously radioactive substance? These two took help from some laboratory to test the purity; ‘which was this laboratory that was used to test the purity of the material?’, ‘Did they find a buyer for this Uranium?’

Meanwhile, both have been booked under the Atomic Energy Act 1962. Atomic Minerals Directorate of Exploration and research has filed the complaint. ATS produced both the accused in the court. The court has given Police Custody till 12th May to the accused duo.

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