9 terrorists connected with IS busts dreadful terror attack under arrest

Mumbai: A horrendous terror attack was exposed during the preliminary investigation of the 9 terrorists linked with the IS, arrested by the Anti-terrorist squad of the Maharashtra Police. The terrorists had prepared to kill a massive number of people using poisonous chemicals. It is being said that the terrorists had planned to sabotage the Kumbh Mela, being held at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.

The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the Maharashtra police raided 8 places and arrested 9 people. One of them is a juvenile. These terrorists were caught in raids conducted at Kausa, Amrut Nagar, Motibaug, Almas Colony at Mumbra, in Thane district and Kaiser Rahat Colony, Rahat Area Colony and Damadi Mahal in Aurangabad. Some of these are well educated with engineering degrees.

Chemicals have been seized in the concerned raids. The plan was to create a commotion by carrying out mass killings using these poisonous chemicals. Terrorists had made preparations for mixing these chemicals in water or food at some big public function to kill a humungous number of people. This plot was busted with their arrest. ATS informed that they are watching some other suspected terrorists too.

A few days ago, terrorists connected with IS were arrested from New Delhi an Uttar Pradesh. These terrorists were planning some enormous sabotage on the Republic Day. 25 kgs of explosives were seized from these terrorists. The security agencies got the information about the other active IS modules from the arrested terrorist, and 14 more people were arrested thereafter.

The ATS action has gained importance against the background of the spate of arrests around the country. A plot to kill thousands, using poisonous chemicals has been revealed for the first time,with the detention of these terrorists.

The chemicals found in possession of these terrorists have been sent for chemical analysis, and the information is awaited. Along with chemicals, 6 pen drives, 24 mobile phones, six laptops and six Wi-Fi routers have been seized from these terrorists. As per preliminary information, these educated people fell prey to the venomous IS campaign over the internet and were drawn into terrorist activities.

The arrests IS terrorists from around the country goes to show that the terrorist organisation has started spreading its roots around the country. The analysts are claiming that this is a major threat to the security of the state. Till date, it was believed that IS was no threat to India. But it has been exposed that the terrorist organisation has started to spread its wings in India.

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