Japan to develop anti-aircraft carrier missiles, reports Japanese newspaper

Third World WarTokyo: Japan, who is taking rapid steps to increase its military might, has initiated the development of an anti-aircraft carrier missile. Japan will be equipped with this super-advanced missile in the next few years. A leading Japanese newspaper reported this by quoting sources in the Japanese defence ministry. The Chinese naval movements are on the rise in the Senkaku Islands region in the East China Sea. Against this background, the newspapers are claiming that this announcement of the development of an anti-aircraft carrier missile is a warning for China.


The Japanese defence ministry has made special provisions to increase the capabilities of missiles in its arsenal. These include Hyper Velocity Gliding Projectile (HVGP) weapons. Japan will be using these missiles for deployment on the islands in the East China Sea. The Japanese defence ministry has refused to reveal more information in this matter. But the Japanese newspapers have published important points quoting sources in the defence ministry and referring to the US missiles.

Japan to develop anti-aircraft carrier missiles, reports Japanese newspaperAlthough the mention is of HVGP, the newspaper had claimed that in reality, Japan is developing a hypersonic missile capable of 5 Mach speeds. The HVGP missile announced by Japan is capable of attacking the soldiers intruding on the Japanese islands. But the actual missile being developed by Japan is a super-advanced hypersonic missile which can penetrate the deck of an aircraft carrier and sink it.

The Japanese newspaper claimed that although the Japanese defence ministry and other sources avoided taking names, the development of HVGP and hypersonic anti-aircraft carrier missile is against China. The paper claimed that this development of missiles is for the security of the Senkaku and other islands in the East China Sea.

The newspaper even claimed that Japan would be equipped with these missiles anytime between 2026 and 2028. It is being said that it won’t be very easy to target this missile as it will be GPS controlled. As per Japanese analysts, with the development of hypersonic weapons, Japan can pose a severe challenge in front of China.

China has been threatening Japan regarding control over the Senkaku Islands, which are currently under Japanese control in the East China Sea. China has instigated Japan by sending its destroyers and patrol vessels in the Senkaku Islands region. Against this background, the Japanese anti-aircraft missile can pose a robust challenge for China.

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