Advanced Russian weapons will dominate the next decade, Russian President, Putin hopeful

Third World War

Sochi: ‘The new advanced Russian weapons will dominate the next decade, because there is no defence system in the world that can match or intercept the new Russian weapons,’ claimed Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The Russian President made a very suggestive statement saying that these Russian weapons will help maintain the power balance in the world.

In the month of March, the Russian President presented the advanced Russian weapons before the world media. At that time, President Putin had claimed that the hypersonic missiles, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, are impossible to intercept. Putin had declared that these missiles, travelling at Mach-20, could dodge any radar or missile defence systems.

Besides these, the Russian MIG-31, the TU-95A and TU-160 bombers used in the Syrian war were claimed to be super-advanced by the Russian President. The United States military analysts had expressed concerns that the nuclear armed drone submarine is capable of producing a devastating tsunami.

While addressing a meeting of senior military officers in Sochi, President Putin once again asserted that they will dominate the world for the next decade referring to these advanced weapon systems. President Putin also reminded that Russia currently has intercontinental missiles, nuclear armed drone submarine and supersonic missile capable of changing direction according to the target.

Putin claimed that these weapons greatly added to the defence preparedness of Russia. Putin further said that augmenting the arms strength will continue to be the Russian objective. The Russia President expressed confidence that these advanced weapons will be commissioned to the defence forces within the next two years. At the same time, the Russian President also issued orders to manufacture the S-500 super advanced missile defence system on a much larger scale.

Meanwhile, a United States military source, on the condition of anonymity, informed a local news channel that in the next two years, Russia will be preparing to use the hypersonic missiles in a war situation.

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