Japan deploys advanced ‘F-35’ on Misawa Airbase to counter China’s aggression

Tokyo: It has been observed that China has started aggressive military movements in the South China Sea as well as the Pacific region since the last few months. Japan has started strong preparations in response to this aggressiveness and deployed the ‘Fifth Generation Fighters’, ‘F-35’ on its Misawa airbase. The US army and fighter jets are already present at this airbase along with Japan since long before.


japan, misawa airbase, chinaThe ‘F-35A’ is recognised as the most advanced ‘Stealth Multirole fighter, amongst the currently operational fifth generation fighters in the world. Japan has decided to buy about 42 units of ‘F-35A’ fighters from the US. Four of these will be entirely made in the US. The remaining fighter jets will be assembled by the ‘Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ in Japan.

After deploying the first ‘F-35A’ at the Misawa airbase, ten more fighter jets will be inducted into the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force, informed the sources. Welcoming the deployment of the ‘F-35’, the Japanese Air Wing commander Major General Kenichi Samejima said, ‘There will be major changes in the air capabilities of the Japanese air force with the induction of the ‘F-35A’. The Japanese people will be assured of there peace and safety. Japanese air force will ensure safety and a squadron of these fighter jets will be created’.

In the last year, there have been many instances of Chinese fighter jets intruding into the Japanese airspace in the East China Sea. Although the Japanese air force repelled the intrusion, still these Chinese flights have been worrisome for Japan. Against this background, the induction of the ‘F-35’ in the Japanese air force gains importance. Japan has started preparations for deploying the advanced version of the ‘F-35’ on the warships of the ‘Izumo-class helicopter carrier’ in its naval fleet.

Besides Japan, the ‘F-35’ has been deployed in the countries of South Korea and Israel.

US and Japan discuss on ‘missile defence system’

The US President, Donald Trump had a telephonic discussion with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on Friday, informed the White House. Along with the North Korea issue, there were discussions on the expanded ‘missile defence system’ for Japanese defence preparedness. In view of the missile testing by North Korea, the US has already deployed the Aegis and THAAD missile defence systems in Japan.


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