Welcome changes were seen in Jammu-Kashmir, the tricolour fluttering high at the Srinagar civil secretariat

Srinagar: The Indian flag was unfurled at Srinagar civil secretariat building in Jammu-Kashmir. Earlier, along with the Indian tricolour, the flag of Jammu-Kashmir was also hoisted here. However, now only the Indian national flag will be seen atop the Srinagar secretariat. As a result, talks that it further demoralises the separatists in Jammu-Kashmir have started doing rounds.

Additional forces were deployed, and security was tightened across the state before presenting the resolution to revoke Article 370. All efforts of separatists opposing the decision were failed as strict curfew was imposed in the state. However, the curfew is being slowly relaxed in parts of Jammu and life is returning to normal. However, the curfew continues in the areas which are sensitive from the security point of view. Therefore, Pakistan awaiting violence in Jammu-Kashmir has been hugely disappointed.

Welcome changes were seen in Jammu-Kashmir, the tricolour fluttering high at the Srinagar civil secretariatNevertheless, Pakistan runs a malicious campaign against the situation in Jammu-Kashmir, claiming it to be terrifying. Pakistan accused there was a shortage of essential commodities in the state. But Satyapal Mallik, the state governor announced that there was no shortage of any sort, in the state. Barring a few incidents, no major violent incident was reported as per the administration. Moreover, the Pakistan allegation that the Indian government is suppressing the voices of the Kashmiri leaders, by placing them under arrest has proved baseless.

Sayyad Ali Gilani, leader of the central separatist organisation, Hurriyat conference, known for his Pakistan affiliation, has appealed to the public to hold protests against the Indian decision.

Gilani has delivered a message, to the people of Jammu-Kashmir, that the protests should be peaceful and that they should put up a fight against India till the end. Further, he also made an inciting appeal to the Kashmiris spread around the world, to oppose India.

Gilani’s message became a hot topic with the Pakistani news media. But the appeal made by Gilani does not seem to have any effect in the Kashmir valley.

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