Russia tests two nuclear ballistic missiles under orders from President Putin

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Moscow: – Within 24 hours of the order ‘Retaliate against the missile tests by the United States’, issued by President Vladimir Putin, Russia tested two nuclear ballistic missiles. Two nuclear ballistic missiles, Bulava and Sinewa, were test-fired from Russian submarines in the Barents Sea,in the Arctic region. In view of the major accidents involving the Russian defence forces, these successful tests are considered to be very important.

nuclear ballistic missilesLast week, the United States tested two medium-range ballistic cruise missiles. The United States claimed that experience from the tests of these missiles, with a range of 500 kilometres, will be used to develop the capabilities of the intercontinental ballistic cruise missiles. Russian President Putin fired a salvo of criticism on the tests by the United States, during a meeting of the Russian Security Council.

Putin issued the orders ‘If the United States is planning to test its advanced missiles in the Asia-Pacific region, it is a threat for the Russian interests along with the national security. Therefore, all the departments, along with the Russian defence department, should prepare for retaliation against the US tests.’ The Russian defence forces have apparently implemented the President’s orders, by testing two nuclear ballistic missiles within 24 hours.

nuclear ballistic missilesTwo missiles were test-fired from two Russian submarines in the Barents Sea, in the Arctic region. The Tula and Yuri class submarines, from the Russian navy, were used for the tests. The Sinewa fired from the Tula submarine, is an intercontinental nuclear missile, having a range of 11,000 kilometres. Sinewa is known as the most advanced missile in the Russian nuclear missile arsenal. Whereas, Bulava is missile is capable of carrying ten nuclear warheads and has a range of nearly 8,000 kilometres.

The missile tests by the Russian defence forces also have the background of accidents involving the defence forces, over and above the orders from the Russian President. 14 naval personnel were killed in the fire that broke out on the Losharik, known to be the most destructive submarine and a secret weapon. After that, two weeks ago, Russian agencies had informed that five scientists were killed in a horribly failed missile test, conducted near the mini nuclear plant at Nyonoksa.

The successive accidents had raised questions regarding the Russian defence capabilities and security. As per the Russian media, Russia has tried to answer the questions raised, with the tests on Saturday.


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