‘Jamaat-ud Dawa’ leader threatens to disintegrate India, US and Israel

Third World WarRawalkot: ‘The flag of our religion will be hoisted in India and the United States. The Indian Prime Minister will be killed. India and Israel will disintegrate.’ were the provocative statements made by Maulana Bashir Ahmed Khaki, a leader in the Jamaat-ud Dawa party of Hafiz Saeed. These statements were made by Khaki in a rally organised in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and he appealed to the local population to be ready for jihad.

The aggressiveness of the extremists based in Pakistan is on the rise, since the past few days. There are elections scheduled to take place in the near future in Pakistan, and to influence the elections the extremist leaders and their associates are carrying out this venomous campaign. Maulana Bashir Ahmed Khaki, leader from the Jamaat-ud Dawa party is also trying to get appreciation of the extremists in Pakistan by making such vitriolic statements.

Jamaat-ud Dawa is a party floated by Hafiz Saeed against whom concrete evidence about his hand in the Mumbai terror attacks has been given to Pakistan. But instead of taking an action against this organisation, the Pakistan government has let them loose to spew venom against India. The Jamaat leaders are taking complete advantage of this and the statements made by Maulana Bashir Ahmed Khaki are proof enough. Maulana Bashir Ahmed Khaki has threatened not only India but even Israel and the United States.

jamaat ud dawa, hafiz saeed, pakistan, us, india, israelSaying ‘Our religious flag will be hoisted in India and the United States’, Khaki also assured his victory while addressing the rally. Khaki appealed to the people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir to join the terrorist activities claiming ‘If there is bloodshed in the holy month of Ramadan, your place will be ensured in Heaven’. At the same time, he asked for funds from the local people in support of the objective of disintegrating India and Israel into pieces.

Khaki appealed to the women to give their money and even children for this work. Khaki has incited India by saying that the Indian Prime Minister will be killed. Hafiz Saeed and the other terrorist group leaders have spewed venom in a similar fashion in the rallies organised by Jamaat and other extremist organisations.

But in today’s scenario, the statements made by Khaki have gained a lot of importance. The news of the Intelligence agency reporting about the main Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba’ working on plan to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister have been published. The initiation of strong action against the terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir, by India, has also angered the extremists in Pakistan.

If these counter terrorism activities continue with the same intensity, it will affect the capabilities of the terrorist organisations in the future and they will be rendered ineffective, claim the analysts. Therefore, the extremists and terrorists are making frantic efforts to challenge India. It is also proved by the statements made by Khaki.

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