Israel has destructive capabilities, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Third World WarTel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the countries on all the three sides, north, east and south are threatening to annihilate Israel. But the enemies should remember that Israel has destructive capabilities. Therefore, they should not instigate Israel.’ The Israeli military held the biggest ever war exercises near the Lebanese border. Prime Minister Netanyahu made this statement after inspecting the exercises. He claimed that these exercises are a preparation by Israel to fight wars simultaneously,on multiple fronts.

All three defence forces have started these exercises near the Lebanese border. Thousands of soldiers from the Israeli military, air force, are participating in the exercises. For the first time, the entire fleet of Israeli F-35A stealth fighter jets is participating in the exercises. The F-35A jets had never been involved in any of the previous exercises. Therefore, it is being said that Israeli is trying to deliver message to the enemies by engaging these fighter jets in the exercises. A huge fleet of Israeli drones is also participating in the exercises.

israel, benjamin netanyahuAs per the information released by the Israeli military, these war exercises are being held to check the war preparedness of Israeli military. Israel’s security is faced with challenges on multiple fronts. The Israel military informed that against this background, these four-day exercises are being held to test its preparedness to fight wars, simultaneously on multiple fronts. Israel has not named any country or organisations in this respect. But Hezbollah from Lebanon and Iran and Iran affiliated terrorist organisations from Syria as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza Strip have repeatedly been issuing threats of war to Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister was present during the war exercises. Following this, the Israeli Prime Minister expressed satisfaction on the Israeli military strength. Prime Minister Netanyahu reacted ‘I am impressed with the status of war preparedness of the Israeli military. Fighter jets, soldiers and especially the destructive capability of Israel is of a very high standard.’ With this, the Israeli Prime Minister delivered a message to the enemies.

Netanyahu warned ‘The Israeli military has the capability of annihilating the enemy. Therefore, the enemy should refrain from instigating Israel.’ Prime Minister Netanyahu avoided mentioning names of any countries. But this message was apparently for Hezbollah from Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, an Israeli newspaper had claimed that Iran would attack Israel to bring the United States to the negotiation table. Against this background, these war exercises and the warning issued by the Israeli Prime Minister become a warning bell for Iran and the Iran affiliated terrorist groups neighbouring Israel.

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