Israel will directly attack Iran if necessary, warns Israel PM

Munich: ‘Iran is a threat to the world security. Iran will not be allowed to tighten the noose of terrorism around Israel’s neck. Israel will keep attacking Iran’s supporters in the gulf. If necessary Israel will directly attack Iran as well’, warned Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu objected to the Iranian activities on the occasion of the international Security Conference held in the German city of Munich.

Benjamin-NetanyahuIsrael shot down an Iranian drone trying to intrude into the Israeli territory. Prime Minister Netanyahu carried the pieces of the Iranian drone to the stage at Munich. The Israeli Prime Minister held a piece of the drone high while directing it towards Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister present on the stage and asked him, ‘Mr. Zarif, did you recognise this piece?’. “You must recognise this piece as it is from your own drone. Carry this piece to your government with a message, ‘do not try Israel’s resolve'”, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Iran.

‘Iran is preparing to capture a big chunk of the gulf with help from its supporters, Shia rebels in Iraq, Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Iran is trying to tighten the noose of terror around Israel’s neck and Israel will never allow these attempts of the Iranian government to succeed. Israel will not only attack these supporters but also Iran directly, for self-defence’, threatened Prime Minister Netanyahu.

At the same time, the Israeli prime minister criticised the nuclear treaty signed by the western countries with Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu appealed to the western countries to withdraw from this treaty. Netanyahu also criticised Iran of being a radical country. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is a smooth-talking mouthpiece and is an expert liar, alleged Netanyahu. An Iranian reaction is expected on these comments by the Israeli prime minister.

Meanwhile, this was the first time Prime Minister Netanyahu attended the Security Conference at Munich. Netanyahu had declared that he will be going to Munich to bring, the issue of the Iranian drone intrusion last week and the Iranian activities in Syria, to the international stage and solicit co-operation from the western countries. Accordingly, he seems to have submitted his position very aggressively. The Israeli aggression seems to have increased further after one of its ‘F-16’ fighter jets was shot down in Syria.