Turkish President threatens to crush Kurdish heads  

Third World War

Istanbul: – Turkish President Erdogan warned ‘If the Kurds do not withdraw from the regions near the Turkish borders, their heads will be crushed. The Kurds have accepted the condition laid down by Turkey for the five-day ceasefire and are making preparations to retreat to 30 kilometres, from the Turkish border. The Kurds are accusing Turkey of violating the ceasefire, despite this. Turkey also is levelling similar accusations against the Kurds. Against this background, the Turkish President seems to have increased the tension issuing these threats to the Kurds.  

Turkey had proposed that the armed Kurdish groups should retreat to 30 kilometres from the Turkish border. Kurds have accepted this proposal and made preparations to implement the decision. The Kurds have claimed that despite this, Turkey has not stopped the attacks. Whereas, Turkey also is expressing doubts regarding the Kurds. Against this background, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu clarified that Turkey will be holding discussions with Russia over the Kurdish withdrawal issue. The Turkish President issued this fresh warning before that.  

Kurdish heads  Erdogan made a vitriolic statement that if the Kurds did not withdraw before the Tuesday deadline, their heads will be crushed. Erdogan has already announced that Turkey is not willing for any compromise on the issue. Whereas, criticism has already started that these Turkish attacks are nothing else but an attempt for a Kurdish genocide. The Kurdish leaders have levelled a crushing accusation that the US military withdrawal is the cause for this Kurdish genocide. At the same time, Russia also seems to be disturbed because of these Turkish attacks on the Kurds. Therefore, the whole world is focused on the talks between Russia and Turkey, as announced by the Turkish Foreign Minister.   

The Turkish President had announced creating of a Safe Zone in the Syrian territory, near the Turkish border. The Turkish President had claimed that the Kurdish armed organisations are terrorist outfits and the Safe Zone was necessary for the security of Turkey, from the activities of these groups. President Erdogan had warned that military action will be taken for this purpose and anyone coming in the way will be crushed. Turkey initiated this action following the US military withdrawal from this Kurdish dominated region. The United States has repeatedly warned that there is no connection between the US military withdrawal and the Turkish action. The US President had also warned that the Turkish economy will hit rock bottom, if it crossed a certain limit during the action.  

Along with the United States, Russia and major European countries also have issued stern warnings to Turkey, over this action against the Kurdish people. Some countries have even initiated a spate of sanctions against Turkey. Turkey accepted the proposal for a 120-hour ceasefire, after mediation by the US Vice President Pence. But Turkey did not stop the attacks on Kurds even after that. Moreover, the Turkish President is threatening that the Kurds, who have rejected the Turkish proposal, will have to face more fierce attacks. Therefore, a new conflict is flaring up between Turkey and the Kurdish rebels on the Syrian territory and the Syrian government is standing behind the Kurdish people. 


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