S-300 in Syria will endanger the region, Israeli PM warns Russia

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Jerusalem: Russia, who is looking forward to strengthen capabilities of Syrian air defence system has been warned by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘S-300 air defense system in irresponsible hands of Syrian regime will endanger region In such a scenario, Israel will have to continue its action in Syria to protect itself and its interests,’ said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli-PM-warns-RussiaThe Russian media reported that Russia will soon be supplying the S-300 air defence system to the Assad government in Syria. The Russian media quoting the sources from the Russian defence ministry had said that this supply of S-300 by Russia was to augment the Syrian air defence capabilities. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately had a telephonic conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to enquire about this Russian move.

During this conversation, the Israeli Prime Minister expressed severe displeasure over the Russian decision to supply S-300 to the Assad government in Syria. Referring to the Syrian President Assad as irresponsible, Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that the use of S-300 by Syria may threaten the security of the region. As informed by the Israel government Netanyahu took an assertive stand saying that Israel will continue with the attacks in Syria if Russia was adamant on supplying the S-300 to Syria.

Meanwhile, a Russian surveillance aircraft was hit during an Israeli attack on Syria. After holding Israel responsible for the mishap, Russia announced the supply of the S-300 system to Syria.

Supplying S-300 to Syria is Russia’s major mistake, claims US National Security Advisor John Bolton

New York: Russia’s decision to supply the S-300 air defence system to Syria is provocative. Russia should rethink its decision before committing such a major mistake, warned the US National Security Advisor John Bolton. At the same time, Bolton asserted that the US defence forces will not be withdrawn till the time the Iranian military is present in Syria.

Bolton bitterly opposed the Russian decision to supply S-300 system to Syria saying that the situation in the region is already simmering because of the Syrian conflict. The tension in the region will increase further if Russia supplied this system to the Assad government, claimed Bolton. He further said that Russia will take a decision after giving a thought to all of this.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he will be discussing the issue of this Russian cooperation with Syria with the Russian Foreign Minister in the UN General Assembly. The meeting of the UN General Assembly is scheduled to start in the next few hours. It is being said that the United States and Russian representatives will be presenting their position on the issues of the Syrian conflict and the Assad government, in this meeting.

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