Iranian supporters spread across from Palestine to India will attack the US, if Iran was attacked, threatens a senior Iranian leader

Third World War

Tehran: ‘Iran has its influence all around the world, and Iranian supporters are spread in Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and also in the United States and Europe. Therefore, if the United States attacks Iran, the Iranian supporters spread across the world will attack the United States. The United States attack on Iran will result in a world war,’ Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a senior Iranian leader threatened. Azghadi also claimed that the Iranian supporters from India are eager to join the war from the Iranian side and to target the US interests.

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi, a senior leader in the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution in the Iranian parliament, threatened the United States, during a broadcast that aired on a local news channel. This Azghadi video recorded a month ago was recently published by a website keeping a close track of developments in the Middle East. In the video, Azghadi has warned the United States that Iran is not alone at all. This senior leader has claimed that the Iranian influence is spread across the world and this is the real strength of Iran.

Azghadi pointed to the message given by Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran that Iran is not a country, but a revolution. Khomeini had warned four decades ago, that there would be a world war if the United States attacked Iran. Azghadi went a step further to issue a severe warning to the United States and its allies. Azghadi warned the United States to keep away from Iran saying, “We will destroy all the oil reserves in the Middle East if the United States attack Iran. This war will not be limited only to Iran. Iran has bases from Northern Africa to East Asia. There are Iranian supporters even in the United States and Europe and Iran is an international revolution.”

Azghadi mentioned the neighbouring countries to underline the Iranian influence. Azghadi warned that the Iranian influence is spread in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries and the United States must remember that our supporters in these countries, will attack the enemy without being waiting for orders from the Iranian leadership.

He cited the Marxist Professor, from Delhi University as an example. Azghadi informed ‘The United States or any other country attacked Iran, this professor and his students will join the war in support of Iran. Even if these supporters are unable to reach Iran, to fight the war, they will target the US tourists and locations in India. They will kill all the US citizens In India.’

Azghadi informed that this Marxist professor had assured him about this, at the Delhi University, during the visit of a former US President to India. Azghadi said this is the kind of influence Iran had and claimed that these kind of ardent Iranian supporters are present in many countries. Azghadi pointed out that therefore if the United States attack Iran in the near future, it will have to pay a hefty price for the adventure. Azghadi has threatened to attack the United States, even in the past. Azghadi had appealed to the Iranian supporters in Latin America and the Middle East to be ready for a war against the United States.

Since the last few weeks, the religious and military leaders from Iran are threatening the United States and Israel. The Iranian military officials warned of closing the Persian Gulf if Iran was attacked whereas, Lotfollah Dezkham, a close associate of the Iranian supremo Ayatollah Khamenei, had said that the Iranian people would continue their struggle with slogans for the destruction of the United States until the White House turns into Hussainiya.

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