Army’s ‘Vijay Prahar’ exercise follows Air Force’s ‘Gagan Shakti’

New Delhi/Jaipur: After the biggest war exercise conducted by the Indian Air Force along Pakistan and China borders, the Indian Army has started a big war exercise along the Pakistan border. More importantly the Air Force is also participating in the exercise. Along with 20000 personnel, hundreds of aircrafts, artillery and tanks are participating in these joint exercises, as informed by the Army. The capabilities of joint operations and handling a nuclear warfare scenario are the objectives of the exercises, as informed by the Army.

india, gaganshakti, air force, pakistan, china, bipin rawatThe ‘Vijay Prahar’ war exercise by the Army had been underway since last month. However, its intensity has now increased and scope seems to have further widened near Suratgarh, along the Pakistan border. The capability of carrying out joint operations during wartime is being assessed through these exercises. Similarly, the actions that will be necessary to be taken at wartime on the western border are also being assessed. The Army has stated that the course of action to be taken in case of a nuclear strike is also being studied through this exercise.

Every year, the Army assesses its war preparedness through such exercises. Nevertheless, the Army has said that the war exercises this year are more comprehensive and on a much greater scale. The Air Force only recently conducted military manoeuvres along China and Pakistan borders. Likewise, joint exercises conducted with the Indian navy in the Indian Ocean, were a part of the ‘Gagan Shakti’ war exercise. Now the Air Force is also participating in the ‘Vijay Prahar’ exercise with hundreds of aircrafts. The Army is also testing hundreds of tanks, artillery, radar systems and other advanced military equipment during the exercise.

The ‘Vijay Prahar’ will conclude on 9th of May in the presence of Army Chief General Bipin Rawat.

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