US President-elect Biden claimed to have started secret talks for Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington/Tehran: – Amid the claims that US President Donald Trump and Israel are preparing for an attack on Iran, information has been revealed that President-elect Joe Biden has started confidential talks with Iran for a new nuclear deal. Israeli news channel ‘Channel 12’ carried this report. This report has surfaced while it is being announced that Biden has appointed Wendy Sherman, who played an essential role in negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran during the tenure of President Obama, as the Deputy Secretary of State. Biden has consistently presented the stand to renegotiate a nuclear deal, while talking about Iran, in the last two months.   

President-elect Biden is keen on negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran. Biden had made this clear in his interviews with the US media during the election campaign as well as in the last month. Biden had said that he would make one more attempt to sign a nuclear deal with Iran, taking the European countries along. At the same time, Iran has announced that it expects cooperation from Biden. Against this background, this report appearing on Channel 12 becomes significant. Channel 12 has not mentioned any names or issues in the report.  

A nuclear deal had been signed with Iran, in the year 2015, during the tenure of President Barack Obama. At that time, Biden, who was the Vice President, had strongly supported the deal. The officials, Wendy Sherman, William Burns and Jake Sullivan, had played a vital role, from the US side, in the negotiations for the deal. Since 2013, these officials have been a part of Iran’s negotiations in Oman and other places.   

All the three officials have been appointed on important senior posts in the new Biden administration. William Burns has been appointed as the director of the US intelligence agency CIA. Jake Sullivan will be the new National Security Advisor of the United States. Whereas, Wendy Sherman has been appointed as the Deputy Secretary of State. The Israeli news channel’s claim becomes essential, given Biden’s stand regarding the Iran nuclear deal and the subsequent appointments of the officials involved in the previous agreement on important positions.   

Israel, Saudi Arabia and senior leaders from the Republican Party have issued severe warnings to Biden regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, had warned that the United States should not repeat the old mistakes regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations, has warned that the Iran nuclear deal’s reactivation will be a destructive development. Whereas, Saudi Arabia had appealed that if a new nuclear deal is to be negotiated with Iran, the Arab countries should be included in the process. 

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