Pakistan can never be seen as India’s friend, says former Chief of Staff and Minister for Foreign Affairs VK Singh

New Delhi: “Pakistan can never become a friend of India. Considering Pakistan as a friend would be the biggest weakness of India,” affirmed Former Chief of Staff and Minister for Foreign Affairs VK Singh. His comments came after a candidate contesting Loksabha elections asked India not to treat Pakistan as an enemy nation. He further said, “A country which has been triggering proxy wars against India besides being a terrorist hub can never be treated as a friend. Treating Pakistan as a friend will be the biggest weakness of India.”


VK-SinghA candidate in the fray for elections in Rajasthan had appealed not to see Pakistan as an enemy nation. The candidate had also claimed that Pakistan was not a threat to India and hence it should not be seen as an enemy nation. To which Former Chief of Staff VK Singh strongly objected. Pakistan has declared a proxy war against India and is using terrorism for it. How can a country involved in a hidden war against India be viewed as a friendly country?- questioned V. K Singh. He also said that if India considered Pakistan as a friend, it would be the biggest weakness of India.

Since the last few months, Pakistan is desperate to hold talks with India. Especially, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, both have been consistently forwarding proposals to India for talks. Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi have been warning India that the issues between India and Pakistan cannot be resolved without a dialogue. At the same time, Kashmir will alone be the primary issue during the talks, is the message that Pakistan has been conveying. Nevertheless, Pakistan is unwilling to attach importance to the terrorism issues, voiced by India and attempts to advocate that the terrorism issue will get resolved once the Kashmir problem is settled.

In other words, the Pakistani leaders have been conveying that if the Kashmir dispute is not resolved, according to their will, India will have to suffer cross border terrorism. It is Pakistan’s traditional position, and there is nothing new about it. Nevertheless, Pakistan has been whitewashing its image maligned globally under the pretext of talks with India. This is exactly why the Pakistan military that had always opposed talks with India has now seen approaching India for the same.

However, India seems to have cornered Pakistan by taking a stern stand in the matter. India announced that no dialogue is possible with Pakistan, till the time it takes credible action against terrorists. India said that it is also keen on a dialogue with Pakistan, but it can take place only in terror-free environment. India has presented the same stand firmly in front of the countries, insisting on a dialogue with Pakistan. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had made efforts to open a dialogue with India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently pointed out that the then opposition leader Imran Khan had levelled severe treachery accusations against Nawaz Sharif. A few days ago, during an interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed an honest opinion that these Pakistani proposals for dialogue were not trustworthy.

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