Indian Ambassador to UN condemns Pakistan calling it nerve centre of terrorism

United Nations: The Indian Ambassador strongly reprimanded Pakistan, who has repeatedly been raising the Jammu-Kashmir issue, in the United Nations. The Indian Ambassador to the United Nations, TS Trimurti reminded Pakistan that all the countries, except China, supported the Indian stand that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. Trimurti retorted that Pakistan who is repeatedly trying to globalise the issue has fallen on its face time and again and the outcome will be the same, even in the future. These Pakistani efforts will never be successful.

Indian Ambassador

Last month, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mohammed Qureshi, raised the Kashmir issue, even while speaking on the UN subject ‘Post COVID-19 Multilateralism’. Trimurti lashed out at Pakistan saying that the Pakistani efforts to globalise the issue are not new, but Pakistan will never succeed in these efforts. Trimurti reminded that last year, the UN General Secretary had mentioned the 1972 Shimla agreement, saying that Pakistan has not fulfilled any of the obligations specified in the agreement.

Similarly, there had been no official meeting of the UN Security Council, after 1965, regarding this matter. Last year, a formal meeting was convened. Trimurti said ‘But it became clear in the meeting that excepting China, all the countries accepted that this was a bilateral issue.’ The Indian Ambassador underlined the China-Pakistan nexus through this.

Trimurti levelled a direct allegation that Pakistan is supporting terrorists. There are nearly 40,000 terrorists active in Pakistan and they launch terror attacks in neighbouring countries. Trimurti pointed out that even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had confessed this. Trimurti also underlined that even the UN report had lambasted Pakistan.

Meanwhile, last month a virtual meeting of the United Nations was held for counter-terrorism. Even during this meeting, India had castigated Pakistan. India had lambasted Pakistan saying those who consider Laden as a martyr, should not preach about terrorism to others. India had also retorted that the whole world is busy fighting Coronavirus and Pakistan is continuing with its terrorist activities.

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