‘India used BRICS summit to outmaneuver Pakistan’ – Chinese state-run daily claims

Beijing – India used BRICS summit to outmaneuver Pakistan and presented itself as a shining star in this summit, claims the Chinese state-run daily ‘Global Times’.  At the same time, the article in ‘Global Times’ also noted that the confidence of India, progressing at an excellent growth rate, is on the high, when the global situation, including that in the other member countries  of BRICS, is grim with recession.

The Indian Prime Minister had alleged in the BRICS conference recently concluded in Goa, that Pakistan is the mother of global terrorism.  Also, by conducting a joint summit of the ‘BIMSTEC’ and ‘BRICS’ member nations, India has isolated Pakistan further, claims the Chinese daily, claims the Chinese daily. Hence the importance of India in the region will increase. India has a definite plan behind establishing co-operation with other nations, while excluding Pakistan, says the daily. The article, appeared in ‘Global Times’ also notes that India is using the clout of its economic progress.

Global-TimesWhen the world economy is grim with recession and even the BRICS member countries like Brazil, Russia and South Africa are facing economic problems, India is presenting itself as a ‘bright star’ before the world. China’s economy has slowed down and in such circumstances, progressing at a growth rate of 7.5% has doubled the confidence of India. The reflection of the same could be seen during the BRICS and BIMSTEC concluded in Goa, said the daily.

Meanwhile, after India, during BRICS, targeted the terrorism emerging from Pakistan; China, on the very next day, had taken the stand of protecting Pakistan. China had said that it would be wrong to connect terrorism with any region or religion. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had claimed that Pakistan has contributed a lot in the war against terrorism. However, Pakistani analysts are claiming that even China was helpless in front of the aggressive stand taken by India during BRICS.

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