‘No compromise possible’, India warns China

New Delhi: – India will not make any compromise regarding its sovereignty. China will have to withdraw soldiers from the Pangong Tso and other regions. India has curtly told China that no further talks would be possible unless this is done. India issued this warning during the meeting held, to reduce the tension, of the military officials from both the countries.


Although, China is on the discussions table for diffusing the tension, on the other hand, is not willing to implement the things agreed in the meetings. At the same time, China is also increasing its deployment in northern Ladakh region. India has indicated, even in the past, that India will not pay any heed to these Chinese pressure tactics. India has delivered an apt message to China, making equivalent deployments. It is reported that India has deployed 17,000 soldiers, in the plains, in the Daulat Beg Oldie and Depsang regions.


The fifth round of talks was held, between the Indian and Chinese military officials, to diffuse the tension on the border. Lieutenant General Harinder Singh leading the Indian delegation took a clear stand that India will not make any compromise regarding its sovereignty and Chinese soldiers will have to retreat to their Pre 5th May positions. It has been made clear to China that otherwise, India is not willing to talk. China made attempts to avoid bringing up the issue of withdrawal of Chinese soldiers from Pangong Tso and other regions, during the meeting, which lasted for more than 11 hours. But it is reported that the Indian officials told China that there would be no discussion on any other topic but for withdrawal.

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