India to buy 500,000 testing kits from South Korea  

New Delhi: – The union government is purchasing 500,000 Coronavirus testing kits from South Korea so that there is no shortage of testing kits in the country. The officials said that the kits would be delivered to India soon.  

Negotiations were being held with the South Korean company Humasis Limited for purchase of the kits. The Indian embassy in South Korea recently signed an agreement for this purchase. The company will be procuring raw materials from India to manufacture the kits. India will receive these kits in four consignments. Sripriya Ranganathan, the Indian Ambassador to South Korea, informed that the delivery of the kits would start from 30th of April. As the South Korean kits have proved more effective in testing for Coronavirus, 121 countries in the world have ordered these kits from South Korea.  

Last week, India received 650,000 testing kits from China. But the requirement of kits has increased given the increasing number of Coronavirus cases. Therefore, these kits are being purchased from South Korea.   

In the last week, union and state governments, as well as private companies in India, purchased 450,000 Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) kits from South Korea. The South Korean company SD Biosensor has started the production of these diagnostic kits at Manesar in Haryana. The company will be producing 500,000 kits per month. This kit tests the presence of antibodies in the person. The test results are available in only half an hour. Therefore, the number of doctors, medical staff and civilians infected with Coronavirus can be assessed more accurately.   

Recently, US President Donald Trump had said that India was conducting only a fraction of the tests performed in the United States. Nearly 4.1 million citizens have been tested in the United States. Whereas, only 400,000 citizens have been tested in India. Confidence is being expressed that after importing kits from South Korea, the process of testing will speed up. 

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