Railways prepared for any serious situations

New Delhi – The number of cases is increasing in the country, and there is a possibility that the numbers may increase further in the next few days. Against this background, the railway coaches are being transformed into ICU, quarantine wards and isolation centres. These coaches will be sent to the areas deficient in medical facilities.

The number of cases of Coronavirus has increased in leaps and bounds in the United States, Italy and some other countries. The situation in these countries is dreadful. The number of Coronavirus cases in the country has reached 950. There is a possibility that if the cases increase like these countries, the medical facilities will fall short, thus exerting tremendous stress on the medical infrastructure. Therefore, these coaches are being converted into medical wards by the railways.

At the same time, provision for additional doctors, nurses and medical staff also has been made. Railways clarified that once these coaches are tested on an experimental basis as isolation wards, each railway division will convert ten coaches per week. It is being said that these isolation wards, created by modifying railway coaches, will be sent to areas where the availability of hospital beds is restricted.

Railways will also be providing 220 volts electric supply for the medical facilities. There is a door from the last compartment of each coach, and the toilets at the end of these coaches have been converted into bathrooms.

Western railways workshop has created an isolation ward with 28 coaches on an experimental basis. If necessary, 300,000 isolation beds can be created.

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