India made a big mistake by taking a decision regarding Kashmir, claims Pakistani Prime Minister

Islamabad: India has made a big mistake by withdrawing the special status for Jammu-Kashmir. The Pakistani Prime Minister has made an inordinate claim that Kashmir, in Indian possession, will become ‘Azad Kashmir’ soon. Saying ‘Now, Pakistan only wants to show the world what is happening in the Indian part of Kashmir.’ Imran Khan expressed confidence that Kashmir will become independent because of this. Political parties in Pakistan are demanding Pakistan to declare a war for the so-called freedom of Kashmir. Imran Khan is trying to deliver the message to his countrymen that this will not be necessary anymore.

India made a big mistake by taking a decision regarding Kashmir, claims Pakistani Prime MinisterEvery year, Kashmir Day is celebrated in Pakistan on 5th February. On this day, all the extremists in Pakistan spew venom against India. The Pakistan government, military and extremists make claims to snatch Kashmir away from India at some point in time. This time, the Pakistan Prime Minister too targeted India on the occasion of Kashmir Day. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said while speaking at a function in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, ‘Before this, we had nothing to tell the world. But now, India has made a blunder by withdrawing Article 370. This will free the Kashmir in Indian possession.’

Imran Khan gave the message ‘India has made Kashmir into jail and 8 million Kashmiri’s are languishing in this jail. This cannot continue for long. Therefore, soon, Kashmir will become independent. We want to present to the world what is going on in Kashmir. Pakistan will make all the possible efforts for this and the media also should be supporting Pakistani efforts.’ At the same time, Imran Khan asserted that the fight for Kashmir would be a political one. Imran Khan is trying to say that Pakistan does not intend to use terrorism to resolve the Kashmir issue.

India wants to link the Kashmir issue to terrorism. Pakistan Prime Minister appealed to the international media not to fall prey to the Indian ploy. At the same time, Imran Khan is repeatedly appealing to the military and terror groups not to draw up any terrorist plan for Kashmir. India has succeeded in getting Pakistan known as a country sponsoring terrorism through its effective political campaigns. Therefore, complaints were being heard during the programs broadcasted on Kashmir Day that this is the reason why no country in the world takes the Pakistani claims seriously. Former Pakistan military officials expressed regret while talking on the news channels that Pakistan will not be able to use the path of terror anymore on the Kashmir issue.

On the other hand, some Pakistani political parties are claiming that this issue cannot be resolved without war and they have demanded from the Prime Minister that Pakistan declare war against India after 10th February. Whereas, the extremists are criticising that India became more aggressive because of the diffident stand adopted by Pakistan, despite India abrogating Article 370 and these extremists are castigating the Imran Khan government for it. India is sure that Pakistan will not do anything, because of the defensive stand taken by Pakistan. As per these extremists, India, therefore, is making plans to take over Pakistan occupied Kashmir in the near future.

India has deployed advanced missiles on the Kashmir border and has increased military movements there. Moreover, the Indian Prime Minister made a statement that the Pakistan military would not be able to face the heat of the Indian military for more than ten days. Extremist Pakistani analysts are claiming that this is a part of war preparations, referring to the Indian Prime Minister’s statement.

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